WHO AM I? 

My name is Kyla and i am a 9th grade student completing a student blog challenge as you can see.

 I am a daughter, a student, a sister, and a for fun photographer.


I like to hangout with my friends and family or sit on the couch and enjoy a good show on Netlix, Gilmore Girls. – after finishing my homework of course. I enjoy baking.. not cooking, there is a difference.

and photography, when i am not forced to do so.


  My Favorite color is blue, i love Giraffes .. o o what about a blue giraffe? anyhow, I like to bake brownies, cakes, cupcakes and pancakes so one day who knows I could become a professional baker, but i also enjoy helping people and giving them advice even though at often times i don’t take my own. I have always enjoyed photography, taking pictures of cool yet interesting things is just.. exciting. From taking pictures of flowers, to sun sets, to mini fashion show photography with my friends. I bought a Nikon camera about Two years ago but recently sold it so I could save up for a new one.

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  1. francoisisd21
    October 23, 2017 at 11:08 am (6 years ago)

    Hey, Kyla, I enjoy baking food as well maybe you can help me out in a later blog post.


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