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I am working on my last major grade in my tech class for school. – we were told to do a presentation on something that had an impact on the world and I chose to discuss the matter of hotlines.

We as people are so influenced by our surroundings it is easy to get caught up in the middle of things and even harder to stand up for yourself. some people feel insecure or bothered and isolate themselves from their peers, loved ones and the world itself. It gets to a certain point where certain actions are taken place when precautions should have been taken.

We accumulated hotlines over time for a reason. you as a person has a voice that you are able to stand up and use whether it is anonymous or public. They have created hotlines for a safe environment, so there is someone to listen to you without judgement or discomfort, so that you are able to get things off your chest that maybe you are too afraid to say to a close peer, they are there to help guide you in the direction in which you feel most happy, it is a one hundred percent confidential zone. you can sit in silence or rant for hours – they are professionally trained.

Hotlines are often times better than talking to someone you know because things then can’t get spread around, you get things off your mind while it still being in the atmosphere. you know that you are not being judged and that you do not even have to reveal your identity.

Hotlines are one thousand percent optional but that doesn’t mean we as a community will not encourage you to use them – they are there and they can be very helpful if you wish they to be.

spread the word, encourage them, make a difference and impact the world around you.

Genius Hour 2 Refection

For my Genius Hour presentation part two I decided to go into something I enjoyed doing and could actually relate to / talk more about. I chose to present on Cooking and Baking, my research question was based off of what we eat. ” How is expanding your food varieties beneficial” basically tipping to ones who eat in a certain food zone and aren’t really exploring new things or just don’t know about them.

I myself learned a lot of different things and discovered foods that are very popular but you expand them into greater things. As part of my presentation I split it up into three categories (  Appetizer, Meal and Dessert )  I picked at least one food to present on for each category but expanded it into things people, like I myself have never really tried before or just didn’t know you could make that certain something with a simple 10 to 15 minute recipe – unless you make it from scratch of course.  As my started I chose to do bread, really simple right? I went ahead and made the bread from scratch, dough, cooked everything and what many people don’t realize is that you can create so many things for example  pizza bites or fruity french toast. That was just one example of what I learned, we tend to look past all of the incredible things we can do and make with simple ingredients and already prepared food.

Doing this may not help the world, or many people in general but if they wanted to they could expand on their food varieties, to get out of their comfort zone and by doing so you’re also maintaining a healthy, interesting ‘diet’ as you could say and it keeps a balance for nutrients. just by expanding your food varieties you can also help others by simply creating a blog post, like so or telling your friends about them, sharing them at events.

Mitchell, Kyla. “Homemade Bread” 22 January 2018

We will soon be starting Genius Hour number three and for this one it actually needs to have an impact on the world – I’ve decided that i’m going to start doing some research on hotlines, for help, suicidal help, help for bullying. I want to do this because I feel like as generations go on this kind of stuff seems to progress, which is not what anyone wants – people tend to make wrong choices and later make up for them but I feel like it will have an impact on the world by letting these people know that there is always someone to talk to rather it be a stranger you don’t know on a hotline so they have actual scientific advice, if you just need someone to listen, you know they won’t go and tell the world about what you’re doing and not doing – they just want to help though also letting them know that their friends and family are always around even if they don’t want to confide in them – things tend to spread around fast. the suicidal rates should decrease, the bystanders and targets around bullying should have confidence to stand up for them selves, not in a violent way because then they’d be a hypocrite but rather they be talking to the bully or an adult – or suggested as both. So I believe that is what my next genius hour project will be based on. – until the next reflection.

Twitter Expert Connect Summary –

Recently on twitter I have followed some people that had similar hobby interest as I do and added them to a list, I wanted to learn more about them and the things they were posting so I did what anyone would do and asked them each a question.  I followed baking blogs because I love to bake and usually they write enough to where I know what they are talking about and what they are trying to say, I also followed some recipe pages just so I could get an idea of more things to bake, I even took a shot at Gordon Ramsay, that one I just did for fun because there was a very minimum chance he’d answer me but you’ll never know until you try.

If you look back a couple of blog post you’ll know I did this thing called a ‘ genius hour project ‘ and this twitter connect list is all based off of the new project I will be doing. These people I have followed and mentioned relate to my project because it is all based off of baking. I asked questions to help with my project so when and if they answer I can have reliable research and sources.

In my questions I was formal but got to the point, I said hello, I tagged them to the post and I asked my question but also letting them know I was doing a project so I did not come off so strong and creepy. Since i’m doing a project on baking I just asked them general questions in regards to what their favorite thing to bake is and why do they like or love to bake because everyone has different reasons and sometimes there’s a story behind that reason.

Going back to my genius hour project, their responses and feedback would basically help me set the whole base of the project together and keep building around it with the information I have. Up in the last paragraph I gave an example of one of my questions and asked ‘what is your favorite thing to bake’  and i’d want to know this because for one, whenever I want to bake I can try out new recipes and for my project I would like to be able to create one of their favorite dishes and bring it in as part of my presentation.

The results in the end were very slim but doing this is just more practice if In ever need to again and it also just gave me better things to google and research about. No one responded and no one followed me back but you and I have to remember to just be patient because they’re busy people just like us. If and when they do respond I will very much so continue the conversation because it is benefiting me with my research for my project and it’s beneficial for them knowing they have people who are interested in their posts and maybe gives them a good feeling and encourages them to keep tweeting and doing what they’re doing because they know some people really do take interest.

Using twitter is very helpful and a great way to connect with people. I would love to continue using this method because it gives you a chance to connect with people and get some good research in. There will most likely be more projects and if you have any and you need to research try searching up tags and people for that topic, you’ll be surprised. You don’t want to go to big though, cough cough Gordon Ramsay, but big enough to where you have a good chance of them noticing your tweets or answering your questions.

If you have ever used social media to help grow your knowledge and understanding for a project or just in general leave a comment below, or even if you think you might try this meathod. which social media would you use?

SBC8 – Activity 2 – Game 2

hello all,

so this week’s blog challenge is all about games, who doesn’t love games am I right? they aren’t just your ordinary games.. it is kind of like a couple weeks ago where we went and visited others. this is really helpful and beneficial to not only us writing but also the people we give feedback too.. why? well simply because when bloggers read others posts it gives us ideas and also helps us learn a lot. a lot of the time they will write about something and you say to yourself ‘ oh I know what, there is no need to read this ‘ but what you do not know is that you are actually wrong. often times we do write about basic stuff but we go into more detail, we tell you more about it, often times more than you know or ever thought of knowing about it. as for leaving feedback on others posts it encourages them to keep on posting, they see that we like their posts so therefore they make more for us to read.. often times very enjoyable. so the benefits are mutual, it helps both ends but back to the game..

I chose Game 2.. game two is where we go on the flipboard magazine and visit three people, read their posts and give a comment then report back to our blog post.. I love exploring others so I thought it’d be fun because I could share with you as well.

one of the blog posts caught my eye.. credits to Nooks blog. it was called ‘ why are french fries called french fries ? ‘ and when I had come across it I was wondering the same thing because I love french fries, most people love french fries. if we love them we should at least know a little more about them. I’m not gonna spill all of the details you can go head over to her blog. if you follow mrs w she has a link to the flipboard magazine and you could find it on there. but she put in a lot of interesting facts and made it well worth reading. if you like french fries or you are just wondering the same thing then you will certainly want to read it. Image result for french fries

The other half of the game was commenting on their blog posts.. I left a few comments but on the one on Nooks blog I made a theory about the french fries and used a well known saying ‘ you are what you eat ‘ have you ever heard of that saying? well anyones I was just trying to stir up a conversation and make it a little more interesting, I also let her know that the post was very interesting and I hope to read more of her blog posts, some of her other ones caught my eye as well but I just chose this one. maybe you guys as well could go read her post and leave a thoughtful comment.

Now if you have made it this far I just want to say that the challenges will be still going on but as for my class this will be our last week of blogging, I hope to still blog outside of class time and maybe do some challenges, or just make some friendly blog posts..

let me know in the comments below what you would be interested in reading and I will certainly find the time to make a post on all of your recommendations, but please be respectful and patient as I have other work to be done. thank you all for taking the time to read through and leave your feedback on my posts, look forward to the next blog post!

did you research or go to nooks blog and find out more?

again, what would you be interested in reading?

do you like french fries?

leave your answers down below and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • happy blogging 🙂


Kyla’s Blog  

Student Blog Challenge GH Reflection

22 November 2017

Genius Hour Reflection

Hello all,

in my Tech class we recently had a project to do called ‘ Genius Hour ‘ I did a lot of research but did not put it all in, if I have to say so myself I know for a fact that I did not put all of my effort into this project, which one should. I did try though and at the very least it was not horrible but I know for future references that i’m capable of doing better.-  Now if you aren’t too sure what that is here’s a brief explanation  


Genius Hour – genius hour is where we as a student pick a topic, make a topic question and research it.. over all we have to see if it has an impact on the world, if it is beneficial for us as students and we share it with the class.


For my Genius hour presentation I chose to do research on ‘Photography’, if you saw my blog post on dream jobs I briefly talked about photography, I took an interest in it because “photography is an art and anyone can do.  just seeing the world from a different perspective, seeing how the world changes around us and capturing a memory we can cherish forever. “

I wanted to know the purpose of photography, the general objective behind the whole photography industry and I learned quite a bit such as :


  • The first photograph was taken between the year 1826 – 1817 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.  – he invented one of the earliest kinds of photography – ‘ Heliography ‘
  • Photographers take photos to express how we feel as one does when they write
  • It tells a story, message or shows expression which the photographer may have been going for
  • If you look at an image in a way you can often tell right off the bat what the photographer is trying to say or show, almost every picture has a meaning and often times only really the photographer can tell you what it is actually supposed to represent because it is their work and us as the outsiders who look at the photos only really have ideas and assumptions of the photograph.


So as you can see I just got caught up on a little bit of history, maybe you already knew that or maybe you didn’t.  It really helped not just me but my peers get an idea of a photographer’s minds, I like taking pictures but I would not call myself a photographer. It really made me re-think all of my thoughts on photography because I just had my own basic understandings of it, I didn’t know all there is to know and I still don’t but I do have a better understanding of it.


This was the first of many projects we will be doing, in fact our class will be starting Genius Hour 2 soon and I kind of have an idea of what my topic will be but I know I have to step up my work and put all of my effort in, I feel as if my next topic will have the same affect on people, it will let them get a better understanding and see more to the topic than what it really is                                                                                                                                       



 Joseph Nicephore bibliography, 2017. Print.

Genius hour presentation, 2017. Print.

Top genres of photography, 2015. Print.

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hello all, I recently wrote a blog posts on ‘dream jobs’ and a lot of you really seemed to like it but one thing did catch my eye.. most of you really take an interest in baking whether that be for a professional reason or just as a hobby, I don’t know. a lot of you asked me what my favorite thing to bake was and I told you guys Brownies but I also like to bake cookies as well. you guys also told me to go into more detail and maybe write  a different peace on how I make them, what I do and just take it step by step.. well.. here you guys go. This will be a blog post all about baking cookies! enjoy.


  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 3/4 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 cup butter or margarine, softened, not melted
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla ( optional but highly recommend )
  • 1 egg
  • 2 1/4 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 package of  chocolate chips (2 cups)

– if you prefer Nuts you can add those in with the chocolate chips or just put the nuts in by themselves.

* I recommend these little cookie sheets that go on top of the pan because it easily spaces the cookies out for you, they’re easy to get off and you have a clean pan when you are done. *
18 November – SN – Kyla 
  1. Heat oven to 375ºF.
    2. Mix sugars, butter, vanilla and egg in large bowl. Stir in flour, baking soda and salt (dough will be stiff). Stir in the chocolate chips.
    3.  you can get a table spoon of cookie dough and spread them about 2 inches apart
    4. Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until light brown (centers will be soft). Cool slightly before eating.

I think the best part about this process is eating the cookie dough! haha no, it is really fun and something you can easily bond with your parents and or siblings over. It does not take long whatsoever but in the end you get a delicious treat! I usually make them with my sister because we are both growing up and like I said we can easily bond over it, she just likes to eat the dough and the finished project but she can be a big help!

18 November 2017 – SN – Kyla

Let me know if this was helpful in anyway and if you tried it out.

If you enjoy baking what is your favorite thing to bake? or if you do not like baking what is your favorite baked food you like to eat?

I hoped that this was helpful and that you enjoyed, Happy blogging!

SBC6 – Visiting Others

Kyla’s Blog

Viewing others work

November 2017



              Alicia’s Blog Post

I have really enjoyed Alicia’s Blog post, I found it very helpful because I tend to struggle with organizing especially for other people. the stress gets to me and I eventually just give up but thanks to her post I can try out some of these ideas! It is a good thing my birthday is just around the corner so I can try some of these tips out.

My ideal party would be having all of my friends over, having a good time. Watching movies, ordering some pizza, playing games and just catching up with my friends. With my family we really do not have a specific type of game, we just pull out all of our many board games and just enjoy the night, it is a good way to bond with your family.   

Image result for board games

  • eastbrooklyn  

I think the one thing I would really need to organize is the food, some people cancel, sometimes more people show up than expected so i’d have to make sure I have the perfect amount of food. also, I have to go around making sure no one is allergic and that I have food everyone will enjoy so it can be a tough task.

Image result for donuts - food angel

AngelFood, 2017. Print.

Questions.. –

what are some things you like to do at a party?

what do you and  your family bond over?

can you relate to any of this?

make sure to leave a comment below and go check out alcia’s post for more information!




Let’s talk about school.. School is very important, it helps you build up the education you need for when you graduate and want to get a job. many people know what they want to be but I certainly do not. everything seems so interesting but nothing I could see myself doing over the years I have been going through some ideas but nothing that stuck. here are some of the things I  have wanted to be and maybe some of them interest you as well.

Things I have wanted to be when I finish school  –

  • A Photographer – Photography is an art and anyone can do it. Just seeing the world from a different perspective, seeing how the world changes around us and capturing a memory we can cherish forever. I enjoy photography and it may not be a career but it is a great hobby
  • A Journalist – I love to write, literally about anything whether it be about fairy tales or the importance of our world, i’ll find the time to write in any situation and won’t pass up an offer to write. Creating your own stories is a wonderful thing, you can make up anything you want to, share your life stories you can be anyone you want to be while writing a story and I hope to tie that in with whatever career my heart desires.
  • A Dentist – I was just going over different jobs and I came across this one, I took it into consideration for awhile but then I got the chance to go anywhere for ‘ Day On The Job ‘ at my old school, it was to get us prepared and to see if we actually enjoyed the job we chose and if we saw ourselves doing this in the future. I was thankful that our school provided day on the job because without it I wouldn’t really have a real idea of being a dentist, it made me realize that’s not what I really wanted to do. The bond with their patients and staff members are hilarious yet amazing but being there just didn’t suit me that well.
  • A Baker – Now this is really just a hobby, that I thought I wanted to turn into a career..  I am still thinking about it but i’m not so sure. I bake because I just want something sweet to eat and I enjoy doing it but when I want to..I like it but I don’t enjoy it as much when I am forced to. I also love to cook but I prefer baking because who doesn’t love sweets? I know I do.

Out of almost 15 years of living in this world those are really the only careers I have never really put more thought in this until recently. I made an observation in myself and realized that I love to help people, I love to help solve their problems and I love to give them advice so maybe I could do something a long the lines of that. Now I am looking into being a therapist because I could just sit and listen to peoples problems and try to help fix them. making a difference in someones life whether it be big or small is an amazing feeling, to know you helped them and help make a change for the better. I would love to find the time to look more into therapy because there is more to it than that but now that is my dream, or the career I want to pursue right now for when I graduate high school. Things might change but that’s okay there are tons of choices out in the world that I have yet to discover and put more thought into. Life is only moving forward and I have to start paying a lot more attention to this stuff.

Hopefully this gave you some ideas of maybe what you want to be when you are older or this is what you want to be, maybe you can just look into them see if it interest you. What’s your dream?  Leave a comment below what interest you and what your dream is after school, I can look into them and hey, you may have given me my career choice for after I finish school, you could also help others visiting this post by giving them some jobs to look over and to learn more about.


SBC4 – Activity 4 – Free Choice

photo by Kyla

                                             LITTLE BIT THE PIT BULL

my dog little bit is a brown and white Pit Bull. she’s just about five years old. she loves to play, and hop fences so we have to keep her put up most of the time. i’m not so sure as to why we named her that, she’s not little whatsoever. She doesn’t really listen to people and shes terrified of paper. it’s all a blur as to when we got her, i have a really bad memory though.

We got her for a bunch of different reasons but we picked her up from the humane society. Since this wild dog just loves to jump fences she likes to run away as well.. i can’t even keep count at this point. She once ran away and we thought the pound had got her but we still looked around our neighborhood for weeks, she’s like my best friend so i was so upset, i cried so much, i wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone. I remember the day we found her, my dad had picked me up from school and said ” i have a surprise for you ” but i had just lost my dog and i was in no mood for surprises so i replied ” i don’t care ” not realizing that when we got to our house, opened up the front door Little Bit was sitting right there. i bent down on my knees and hugged her until we both fell over. Turns out this guy had her and finally saw our flyers so he called to let us know. It was a happy ending after all.

I don’t get to see Little Bit that much, just over the summers and holidays but when i do see her she gets so excited it makes my heart happy, i feel like that each year when i leave her she’d forget about me. She’s filled with so much energy, she does this thing where she raises one ear, brings down the other, sticks her tongue out, tilts her head and stares at you.. it’s so adorable . Most people think Pit Bulls are mean but they are actually sweethearts.


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